• Rehabilitated green sea turtle released off Florida Keys

    MARATHON, Fla. (AP) - A rehabilitated green sea turtle has been fitted with a satellite tracking transmitter and released back into the waters off the Florida Keys.

    The turtle named "St. Thomas" was released Friday after being treated at the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida. The reptile was found last October covered in cauliflower-like tumor growths that develop as a result of a herpes-like virus affecting many sea turtles around the world. The tumors were surgically removed.

    The reptile is to join a three-month-long race that monitors online the progress of 16 sea turtles.

    The Tour de Turtles is organized by the Sea Turtle Conservancy, and it follows the long-distance migration of several different species of sea turtles. The turtle covering the most distance is to be declared the winner.

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