• Instagram-famous rabbit from Orlando wins icFlorida's Pet of the Week


    ORLANDO, Fla. - In the days of social media just about anyone can be famous--even a rabbit! King Cooper, or as he's known on Instagram, @CooperThePooper, has over 72 thousand fans from all over the world following his every move.

    His rise to social media stardom kicked off three years ago after he landed on the cover of Orlando Magazine. Ever since then, his follower count has grown exponentially with fans from as far as Japan sending him gifts and drawings. 

    Recently, he put the power of social media to the test and received almost 800 votes for icFlorida's Pet of the Week. 

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    Andrea Angel, his owner, has decided to use his newfound fame as a way to educate others on how to care for rabbits. On the website CooperThePooper.com, she compiles tips and tricks for litter box training, diet and nutrition, and even basic bunny behavior.

    Thanks to their unique needs and delicate nature, most rabbits need to be handled very carefully and even Andrea admits that they aren't for everyone. 

    She hopes that prospective rabbit owners do their own research before deciding if a rabbit is the right pet for them.

    Her message is heard loud and clear on Instagram, where Cooper's followers are growing more and more each day. 

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