• Challenge your mind and find your way out of the Escape Game Orlando

    By: Estee Martin


    There’s a place in Central Florida where you can solve a million dollar heist, decode a secret mission, break free from prison, and hunt for gold. Don’t worry, it’s not illegal, it’s The Escape Game. We went to the Orlando location on International Drive to try and see if we can find our way out on this edition of Central Florida’s Hidden Gems.

    » PHOTOS: Go inside The Escape Game Orlando

    The Escape Game Orlando locks you and your friends in a room 60 minutes. Your goal is to use the clues around you and your problem solving skills to try and get out. Thankfully, you aren’t left completely alone. There will be a staff member on hand to deliver you up to 3 free clues and some additional hints every now and then to help you out.

    Each room has a varying degree of difficulty and a different story line. Our room was called Gold Rush and it was our mission to find an old prospector’s gold and escape. Once you’re inside, anything can be a clue, so you can’t overlook a single thing. With a little teamwork and ingenuity, we managed to escape with just seconds to spare!

    The Escape Game Orlando is a challenging, exciting, mind stimulating fun. Whether it’s just a day out with friends or even a team building exercise with co-workers, you are bound to come out with a little more insight into how your mind works and how you work with others. Ashley and I are planning on going back to the Escape Game, to see if we can beat the record! For more information and to book a game online, visit OrlandoEscapeGame.com.