• Unearth a new way to look at animals at Skeletons: Animals Unveiled

    By: Estee Martin


    What would you say if I told you, there’s a place in Central Florida filled to the brim with animal skeletons from around the world? Don’t worry, it’s not scary, it’s Skeletons: Animals Unveiled. I got the chance to tour this entertaining, educational, and engaging museum in this edition of Central Florida’s Hidden Gems.

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    Skeletons: Animals Unveiled is America’s largest skeleton museum. With over 40 exhibits featuring more than 400 real skeletons, this place will give you a whole new respect for the animal kingdom. There’s the super rare Sumatran Rhino, the astonishing African Elephant and even an exhibit filled with animals from right here in Florida.

    »PHOTOS: See the skeletons up close!

    Our guide for the day was Jay Villemarette, the osteology expert who’s had an interest in bones since he was a kid. At 7 years old, he found a dog skull in the woods. Jay’s parents saw his fascination with the skull and encouraged him to follow his passion. He’s been collecting skeletons ever since.

    Each specimen in the museum comes from animals that died of natural causes in different zoos around the globe. By putting them on display in Skeletons, Jay is giving patrons the chance to learn from these animals for years to come.

    The skeletons take months to prepare and position. One aspect of this process involves beetles, flesh eating beetles! The Dermestid beetles clean all of the skulls and bones in just a few days. After a few finishing touches, the skeletons are ready to be added to an exhibit.

    Located right next to the Orlando Eye, Skeletons: Animals Unveiled is a one of a kind museum that you have to check out at least once. Click here for more info.