• Main Event Orlando brings state-of-the-art bowling and VR games to Orlando

    By: Estee Martin

    ORLANDO, Fla. - There’s a brand new place on International Drive where you can fight off virtual zombies, climb high ropes adventure courses, bowl on state of the art lanes, and even enjoy chef inspired food and drinks all under one roof. It’s called Main Event Entertainment, and I got the chance to experience it all in this edition of Central Florida’s Hidden Gems. 
    Main Event Entertainment is based in Dallas, Texas and with 31 locations across the country, they are the nation’s fastest-growing entertainment destination. Main Event’s mantra is Eat. Bowl. Play., and since 1998, they have been offering an infinite supply of fun for people of all ages. The Orlando location is positioned at Pointe Orlando making it the perfect spot for locals and tourists alike. 
    When you walk into Main Event, the first thing you’ll notice is innovation. The arcade games have cutting edge graphics and the 20 bowling lanes feature LED lights and graphics that follow your ball as it rolls down the lane. Main Event Orlando even offers an attraction that you can’t get anywhere else in the United States: V Play Reality. This immersive game, powered by the Australian-based company Zero Latency, enables players to walk, run, and work their way through wildly different virtual terrains from level to level within a single game.  From breathtaking vistas on wide open rooftops with no place to hide, to dense, post-apocalyptic urban settings littered with virtual obstacles that make for ideal cover when the zombies start streaming in,  players are kept engaged, challenged, and entertained in ways that have never been possible before. 
    You’ll suit up before each game with a computerized backpack and VR goggles and then it’s up to you and your team to fight off hordes of zombies, travel through space, or solve puzzles. It’s truly a game like nothing you’ve ever played before. 
    Main Event is also redefining the bowling alley and arcade experience with chef inspired dishes from its two restaurants. The first, La Bella, offers fast casual artisan pizzas and Italian street food. The second is a full service restaurant that features chimichurri char-grilled flat iron steak seasoned to perfection, fresh entree-size salads, skillet mac and cheese, and more. There’s even a full liquor bar serving up handcrafted cocktails, wine, and beer. 
    From the bowling, to the high tech virtual and interactive games, Main Event Orlando has something for just about anyone. To book your next adventure, click here.

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