• Dive into nature at SeaWorld's Discovery Cove

    By: Estee Martin


    Growing up in Florida, I've always thought that I had a unique connection to the sea. I mean, I've been to the beach a bunch of times and swam in the ocean, but none of those experiences can quite compare to the connections I made at Discovery Cove. There is no other place in Central Florida where you can literally dive right into nature. Watch as I take in a little slice of paradise in this installment of Central Florida's Hidden Gems.

    »PHOTOS: Inside SeaWorld's Discovery Cove

    Tucked away across from SeaWorld sits Discovery Cove. This 22-acre oasis has a number of unique experiences for the whole family. Discovery Cove is known as a 'day resort,' filled with eye-opening experiences above and below the sea. From swimming with dolphins, to relaxing on white sand beaches to enjoying freshly prepared meals, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Discovery Cove is not just another day, but another world.

    My first stop was the underwater SeaVenture. Equipped with a specialized diving helmet, I got the chance to walk on the sea floor surrounded by tropical fish and unique creatures. Guided by official scuba divers, this once in a lifetime experience gives even novice divers the chance to walk amongst schools of fish. 

    »VIDEO: Extended footage from the underwater SeaVenture

    Next we made our way over to the Aviary. This hidden treasure is filled with hundreds of colorful birds that fly around to greet you. Grab some birdseed and fruit and watch as they nibble from your hand. Don't be too freaked out if one or two birds decide to perch on top of your head!

    Discovery Cove is known for their hands on experiences but perhaps the most well-known adventure is the dolphin swim. Alongside a group of about 6 people, you can get the once in a lifetime opportunity to feel a dolphin up close, train it to do some tricks, and even go for a ride. Don't forget to grab your pictures on the way out; you're going to want to save these memories!

    Discovery Cove gives you the unique chance to get up close to underwater creatures like you've never seen them before. Make the trip out today and make a new connection that you'll won't forget. Click here for more information.