• Get in touch with your scientific side at the Orlando Science Center

    By: Estee Martin


    It’s rainy season here in Central Florida and everyone is looking for something to do. Why not spend a day at the Orlando Science Center! I got the chance to test out my scientific skills in this edition of Central Florida’s Hidden Gems.

    The Orlando Science Center is known far and wide for its four floors of engaging hands-on exhibits. Each exhibit hall explores a different aspect of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and gives kids a chance to apply some of the skills they’ve learned in class to the real world.

    » PHOTOS: Inside the Orlando Science Center

    Our first stop on our educational adventure was at NatureWorks. Located on the first floor of the Science Center, NatureWorks gives guests the unique opportunity to get up close with animals and gain an appreciation for the diverse ecosystems of Central Florida. Stroll through the exhibit and see how living and non-living things interact with each other and their environment. You may even get the chance to meet the Florida King Snake. As you can see in the video above, we became fast friends!

    In addition to the creepy-cool encounters at NatureWorks, guests can get hands on with a number of different challenges and buildable activities. In the Kinetic Zone, you can test your engineering skills with the Balance Challenge and see if your creation can make it down an 18-foot zip line. Over in ‘Our Planet’ you can learn more about what makes mother-earth tick --- from the weather, to our oceans, and even the physics that helps airplanes take flight. There’s even The Jurassic Ridge in Dino Digs where you can try paleontology on for size. But the great thing about the Science Center is that it’s not about getting each experiment right all the time, it’s all about learning along the way.

    For the adults who are really kids at heart, the Orlando Science Center also offers a number of night time, adults-only events throughout the year. During Science Night Live, guests can take part grown-up-inspired programming including Science Trivia, experiments, 3D films, special presentations, laser light, stars and planets viewing through the giant refractor telescope in the Crosby Observatory.

    The Orlando Science Center is proof that learning doesn’t have to take place in a classroom and that science is for everyone. For more information and to plan your next educational adventure visit http://www.osc.org/