• Wheel of Fortune at Disney: Pat and Vanna discuss the impact of the longtime game show


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Pat and Vanna are two of the few celebrities who can just go by their first names. 

    More than 100 million Americans have never known a world without Wheel of Fortune. What's the secret? For Pat Sajak, it's the familial feel. 

    "We're kind of a throwback, sort of a safe haven, watch it with your family and not worry about anything," Sajak said. 

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    The pace and visuals of the show have changed with the times but the familiarity of these two comfortable hosts has not.


    Vanna White was selected over 200 other young women 35 years ago. She says her audition was nerve-wracking.

    "I was so nervous," White said. "My lips were shaking, my knees were shaking,"

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    And don't be surprised if you run into Pat at a local Wal-Mart. He lives in Central Florida for part of the year. Fans who see him on the street often ask him Wheel of Fortune's signature phrase, "Can I buy a vowel."

    "What interests me is they think I've never heard it before," Sajak said. "They almost double up in laughter." 

    Wheel of Fortune is on weekdays at 7:30pm on WFTV - Channel 9. 

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