• Theme Park Tips: What to pack in your 'water park survival bag'

    By: Shelley Caran


    Packing for a day at the water park can seem a bit daunting at times, thankfully our 'Attractions Expert,' Shelley Caran is here to help!

    1. Wrap your towel around your water bottle

    Wrapping your towel around your water bottle can help keep beverages nice and cool. It's also a great way to keep everyone's items together and in one place. Many dining locations at the parks also offer free ice water, so make sure to fill up frequently!

    2. Snacks

    Be sure to check the rules and regulations regarding food before you go --- some parks don't allow outside food. If you happen to be at a water park that allows snacks, bring items that won't melt or get too mushy in the sun and pack them in a zip-top bag. 

    3. Water Shoes

    While they aren't the most stylish choice, water shoes can help protect your feet at the park. Walkways and sidewalks tend to get hot in the sun and some areas of the park may have dirty or slippery areas. Slip them on and your toes will thank you! 

    4. Sunscreen

    Even if you apply at home, bring along some extra sunscreen to the water park. Sunburns can happen inside or outside of the water and even on a cloudy day so make sure to re-apply as needed. 

    5. Zip-Top Bags

    Zip-Top bags can help keep your wallet, phone, and keys safe and dry. Bring along multiple sizes just in case!

    6. Small Toys and Books

    Smaller kids can get bored easily so make sure you have some small toys they can play with during downtimes. Don't forget to bring something for yourself too, like a nice 'beach read' or a couple of magazines. 

    7. Small Wallet

    Bring a smaller wallet with you and fill it with only the essentials (annual pass, ID, credit card). You can keep it on hand and not have to worry about losing everything you care about.

    8. Change of Clothes

    Don't forget to bring along a change of clothes to go home in. We like to pack ours in a large zip top bag that we can transfer the wet clothes into later on. 

    9. Baby Powder

    If you're going anywhere with sand, you won't want to forget this secret weapon! Baby powder is great for getting sand off of your fingers and toes!

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