• Nine tips for conquering Kraken Unleashed

    By: Shelley Caran


    Kraken Unleashed at SeaWorld Orlando is taking passengers on a virtual reality journey that is a first of its kind to the Central Florida Area.

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    The technology that SeaWorld helped create for Kraken Unleashed is ground breaking that is sure to be the thrill of the summer here in Orlando, and with that popularity will come crowds so here are my nine tips for conquering Kraken Unleashed!

    1. Try to go early and during less busy times

    This may sound like a no brainer, but to help reduce your wait time for Kraken Unleashed try to schedule your visit to SeaWorld Orlando for earlier during the day during the week. 

    2. Spot Saver

    Spot Saver is the new to SeaWorld Orlando, and allows you to reserve a ride time on Kraken Unleashed for free with the use of the SeaWorld Orlando App (available for apple and android users) or by using a kiosk in the park. Riders will not be able to make a Spot Saver reservation until they arrive at the park, because the app uses your location to determine if you are in the park.

    3. Travel lightly

    As with most rides at the theme parks of Central Florida, riders of Kraken Unleashed cannot have any bags or items in their pockets. When visiting the park you will want to travel as lightly as possible to leave items in the cubbies next to the unload dock, have a friend who is not riding watch your items, or utilize the lockers for a nominal fee next to the entrance of Kraken Unleashed.

    4. Any seat will do

    Since your vision on Kraken Unleashed is tied to your virtual reality headset, choose the shortest line for Kraken Unleashed! The visuals for the virtual reality experience are tied to your position on the coaster's track, so your experience is seamless to your activity instead of on a timeline making each seat its own experience.

    Kraken Unleashed at SeaWorld Orlando is taking passengers on a virtual reality journey that is a first of its kind to the Central Florida Area.
    SeaWorld Orlando

    5. Take extra care with your hair and jewelry

    Since you will be slipping the virtual reality headsets with padded headphones on an off, make sure to take an extra second to tie long hair out of the way and to secure your earrings. It seems like a silly last minute adjustment, but it won't be time wasted if you lose an earring.

    6. Be really careful when positioning your headset

    To make sure that you have the best ride experience, take the extra time with your SeaWorld team member at load to position your virtual reality headset correctly. The positions to check are if the headset is completely pulled down in the back, that the padded headphones are positioned over your ears, that the side straps are tighter than you think, that the focus is set using the fly wheel at the top of the headset, and that your focus is set straight.

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    I know this sounds like A LOT, but the SeaWorld team members are really efficient at checking all of these points. 

    7. Just let go and enjoy

    While it make be tempting to try to figure out how everything works while you are on the ride...don't! There is so much content to take in during the ride experience that you won't want to waste any time on mechanics. 

    8. In case of motion sickness

    I will admit that most simulator attractions make me a little queasy, so I was pleasantly pleased with how I fared on Kraken Unleashed. However if you find yourself feeling a little off during your ride, the best way to combat this uneasiness is to find a spot that is dead center of your vision and focus your attention on it instead of looking around. On Kraken Unleashed this is extremely easy, as there are other 'subs' in your view that are traveling forward.

    9. Not in for VR? It's okay!

    If you are unsure about the virtual reality experience on Kraken Unleashed, don't feel like you have to don the headsets to ride. The headsets are kept in bags on the restraint bars, so they are out of the way for those who experience the attraction in its original form. 

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