• How to survive a rainy day in the theme parks

    By: Shelley Caran


    A rainy day doesn't have to end your fun at the parks! Here are some tips to help you survive the day.

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    1. Watch the weather
    As most locals know, Florida weather can be rather unpredictable. Make sure you have a reliable weather app to use while you're in the parks. One of my personal faves is the Channel 9 Severe Weather App. You can sign up for custom alerts in your area, stream live radar, and get an accurate hour-by-hour forecast. 
    2. Wind and lightning may shut down attractions
    Keep in mind that some attractions and transportation options may need to shut down in the case of heavy rain, wind, or lightning. Ask an attendant about any closures and keep a lookout for signs around the park. 
    3. Make a restaurant reservation if rain is already in the forecast
    Make your restaurant reservation ahead of time if you already know the rain is coming. During stormy times, restaurants tend to get crowded as everyone else attempts to escape the rain. Be smart and plan ahead so you won't have to wait in line. 
    4. Pack an umbrella or rain coat in a zip top bag
    As you can see, we love zip top bags here at icFlorida. When going to the parks, keep your rain jacket inside of a zip top bag, so when you take the jacket out you can put your keys or cell phone inside. Then when the rain stops, you'll have a handy place to put your wet jacket.
    5. Bring extra zip top bags for electronics and things you'd like to keep dry
    Rain can still get inside many backpacks and purses. Make sure you have extra zip top bags on hand to keep your valuables nice and dry.
    6. Choose the right shoe 
    Choosing the right shoe is super important for surviving a rainy day. Pick a shoe that is comfortable, has a non-slip surface and plenty of tread. You also may want to consider leaving the rain boots at home; they tend to fill up with water during heavy storms. 
    7. Try indoor attractions
    There are plenty of indoor attractions at the theme parks that you can take advantage of in the rain. Before you leave home, download the official app of the theme park you're heading to. You can log in, check wait times, and sign up for fast passes for indoor activities. 
    8. Roll with the flow & have alternative plans in the park
    Even though it's raining, remember that your day isn't ruined! You're still in a theme park surrounded by your family and friends. Go with the flow and splash in a puddle or two! 

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