• How to pack the 'Ultimate Theme Park Bag'

    By: Shelley Caran/OntheGoinMCO.com


    Being prepared with things you many need during a day in the theme parks can make your day go smoother, and for the first in our new video series we take a peek into what I keep with when I am in the parks.

    Choosing the right bag is an important first step, and after much trial and error I use the lightweight and easy to clean LeSportsac Voyager backpack. This bag was an investment, but it is extremely spacious with several interior and exterior pockets and pouches that make getting to items I need in a hurry easy. Also, the loop of the backpack is a really convenient place to store MagicBands when they aren't being worn in the parks.

    Another tip is to carry items that will be used together in zip top bags to keep them safe from Florida showers and also organized to make bag check quicker.

    Now that you've picked the right bag, let's look at some things you may want to pack inside of it!

    1. Hand Sanitizer – This is a MUST for our family!!!
    2. Hat – I like to keep a hat with me to keep the sun (and sweat) out of my eyes.
    3. Pouch of Necessities – Inside of my pouch I keep things like bandaids, Over the Counter drugs (like Tylenol and Tums), a nail file, and a sharpie.
    4. Rain Jacket – I keep my rain jacket inside of a zip top bag, so when I take the jacket out I put my keys and cell phone dry. Then when the rain stops, I have a place to put my wet jacket.
    5. Cooling Towels – They come in several shapes and sizes, but these cooling towels are especially good for keeping cool while you are waiting for the afternoon parade or show.
    6. Hand Fan – I have a hand fan, but there are many portable, battery operated fans available to help keep you cool.
    7. Snacks – I try to choose snacks that won't melt as well as gum, since it isn't available for sale in the parks.
    8. Portable Cell Phone Charger – This is a must have for my family, because it keeps our phones charged so waiting in line is easier. If you have a larger phone, like the iPhone 6 Plus, you will want to find a charger rated for charging an iPad.
    9. Sunscreen – Don't let a sunburn ruin your day, and don't think you're safe if it is a cloudy day.
    10. Baby Wipes – Even if you don't have little ones, baby wipes are great to carry to help clean up spills, stains, and sticky hands.
    11. Empty Water Bottle – All of the theme parks will give you a cup of ice water anywhere that soda is sold for free, and I carry a water bottle with me to fill up during the day. If you are at the Universal Orlando parks, the Coke Freestyle machines will dispense water and ice for free.
    12. Extra Zip Top Bags – Everyone you're traveling with may not be prepared for the rain, but you will look like a rock star when you have extra bags to keep their phones, keys, and wallets dry!

    While it may seem like a lot, having these items with you at the theme parks really make a difference in how your day goes!

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