• An inside look at Universal's Volcano Bay water park

    You've probably seen the volcano looming over Interstate 4... Now, icFlorida is finally taking you inside for a first look at Universal Orlando's much-anticipated Volcano Bay water park.
    The 200-foot main attraction also known as Krakatau sits at the center of the park, with several villages surrounding it. At the base of the volcano is the relaxing Waturi Beach. And inside... a first of its kind aqua coaster. Universal told us it took 6,000 people to bring Volcano Bay to life.
    "Think of this not as a water park but as a water theme park. We've kind of upped the ante all the way around" said Dale Mason, Vice President and Executive Art Director of Universal Creative. 
    In addition to the volcano, one of the key features of Volcano Bay is a TapuTapu bracelet. Everyone gets one when they arrive at the park.
    When you're ready to get on one of the rides, you go to the attraction, tap your bracelet on a totem, and it will buzz when it's your turn to ride. The waterproof wearable can also be connected to your credit card, and activates interactive areas around Volcano Bay. It also opens lockers so there's no need to carry around a key. 
    Universal says it's all part of their plan to transform the water park experience. 
    "The band actually just allows you to sort of have that freedom of the day without having to lug anything around. You don't have to carry rafts up and down" said Chris Crayner, Sr. Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of Universal Marketing Integrated Media and Promotions. 



    The park has 18 total attractions, a toddler and kids play area, two story cabanas, and there's plenty of island-inspired food to fuel you through the day.
    "As you look at the food here, you'll see all of the tropical influences with the flavor and the ingredients that we used" said Executive Chef Steve Jayson.
    Whether you're looking cool off or get some heart pounding thrills, Volcano Bay is promising to deliver the ultimate water park experience. 

    Take a walk through Volcano Bay below:

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