Limo Cycle Tours launches first-ever moving escape game


SANFORD, Fla. - Limo Cycle Tours announces the launch of the first of its kind, moving escape game. 

Escape rooms typically involve small groups solving themed mystery challenges to escape a locked room.  In "The Pirate's Treasure," players pedal the Limo Cycle (or the Galleon in this case) through Historic Downtown Sanford. In addition to solving clues on the cycle, participants also visit area venues where new clues are discovered.  The ultimate goal is to save the captain of the ship from an unfortunate demise.  

“As a highly rated attraction in the Orlando/Sanford area, we want to ensure that we continuously offer our customers innovative, creative and outrageously fun outings,” stated Steve Tishman, Managing Partner at Limo Cycle. “We reached out to our friends at Masters of the Hunt for help in developing this game. The Pirate’s Treasure is being offered as a corporate team-building experience, as well as for private tours, parties and special events. We have created a game that requires teamwork, communication and a keen attention to detail.  We’ve also made sure that it will appeal to a wide ranging audience; offering groups the opportunity for hints throughout the event.” 

According to Jane Lipps, Hunt Master at "Masters of the Hunt," a company that produces treasure hunts for corporations, “The Pirate’s Treasure game is a natural extension of our current business.  However, when the final product was “married” to the incredibly fun and entertaining Limo Cycle, it far exceeded our expectations. Judging from the volume of the spontaneous cheers that happen as people solve each clue, we know this is a winner!” 

Limo Cycle Tours operates a 15 passenger pedal-powered touring bus and is an award winning attraction in Central Florida.

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