• Rare antelope born at Brevard Zoo


    On Friday, February 3, seven-year-old scimitar-horned oryx Danica gave birth to Brevard Zoo's newest addition-a male calf weighing 22 pounds.

    Danica was born at the Zoo in 2009. Both mother and calf remain on exhibit with the rest of the herd. Guests may be able to see the calf from the kayak tour and the Cape to Cairo Express train.

    Scimitar-horned oryx were once one of the most prominent mammal species across northern Africa, extending from Morocco to Egypt and as far south as Sudan.

    In 1999, they became extinct in the wild as a result of climate change and an increase of hunting due to a growing human presence in the region.

    The species is now successfully bred in human care and a healthy population of captive-born oryx has been introduced to their native range.

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